Minoxidil Response Test

Welcome to Minoxi-Lab
Your Dedicated Rapid Minoxidil Response DNA Testing Solution.

At Minoxi-Lab, we understand the importance of personalized treatment when it comes to addressing hair loss. That’s why we have developed a unique concept that empowers for only clinics and labs to offer Minoxidil Response Testing right within their own facilities.

The ideal solution for Hair loss treatment.

Our state-of-the-art Minoxi-Lab solution allows you to set up a dedicated laboratory within your clinic or lab, providing you with the tools and resources to perform Minoxidil Response Testing efficiently and effectively. By bringing this testing capability in-house, you can offer a comprehensive range of services to your patients, making their hair loss treatment journey seamless and convenient.

Have your own Minoxi-Lab powered by TrichoGene in your
Clinic/Lab or Hospital.

Step One – Assess and Plan

Evaluate the feasibility of establishing a Minoxilab in your clinic or laboratory.

Step Two – Equipment and Supplies

We provide you with the necessary equipment and supplies for your Minoxilab

Step Three -Laboratory Setup

Our dedicated team will visit your clinic or laboratory to assist with the installation of all the required machines and equipment for your Minoxilab. 

Step Four – Training and Validation

We will provide comprehensive training sessions for you and your staff on the operation and maintenance of the equipment. This training will cover proper handling of samples, running tests, interpreting results, and troubleshooting common issues.

Lastly prior to releasing your project we provide full training & certification for you and your team.

Our professionals can help build a complete and custom
rebranded Minoxidil Response Testing solution tailored to your
Clinic/lab/Haircare line or brand.