TrichoGene MinoxyBoost|Minoxidil Booster |(for Minoxidil Non-Responders)


Minoxyboost (Tretinoin) plus minoxidil could be one of the most promising recent breakthroughs in hair loss research. Tretinoin promotes sulfotransferase activity and enhances the efficacy of minoxidil. This effect is especially strong among those who would otherwise not respond well to minoxidil monotherapy.

MinoxyBoost is part of the TrichoGene Hair Regrowth System uniquely designed for Non-Responders/those who identified as non-responder in Minoxidil Response Test.

MinoxyBoost is a clinically-proven Minoxidil Sulfotransferase Enzyme (SULT1A1 Enzyme) booster.

MinoxyBoost helps enrich hair and increases the levels of the Sulfotransferase Enzyme activity(SULT1A1 Enzyme) in the hair, which increase the minoxidil efficacy.

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