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Only 50% of Men & 40% of Women will Respond to Minoxidil

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The Minoxidil Response Test identifies if you have adequate levels of the SULT1A1 enzyme on your scalp necessary to activate Minoxidil to stimulate hair growth.

Receive your personalized  report in 2-3 days to learn if you require an enzyme boost to improve growth response to Minoxidil.

Based on the positive or negative SULT1A1 enzyme activity in your hair follicles, your Doctor will recommend treatment plans to start your personalized hair growth system.

How Does Hair
Regrowth System Work?

Minoxidil  only works for people with a specific enzyme to convert and activate Minoxidil into the active Minoxidil Sulfate. If your enzyme activity is low, you won’t respond to Minoxidil, no matter how long or consistently you use Minoxidil. MRT tests for the enzyme levels based on SULT1A1 gene expression, then you choose the best Minoxidil Growth Plan based on your MRT Results.

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MRT Result


Booster +


  • SULT1A1 Enzyme Booster
  •  FDA-approved  Minoxidil
  • For non-responders with low levels of SULT1A1 enzyme
  • Increases SULT1A1 enzyme activity 
  • Supports healthy hair regrowth
  • Clinically-proven, daily regimen
  • Bundled with Minoxidil

MRT Result



  • FDA-approved topical hair growth
  • For responders with adequate levels of SULT1A1 enzyme
  • Supports healthy hair regrowth
  • Clinicially-proven, daily regimen

Minoxidil Response Test

Why Trust The Minoxidil Growth System

Credible Science

We operate at the cutting edge of hair science. The TrichoGene research and development team consists of world-renowned scientists and dermatologists specializing in hair loss products and diagnostics. We offer hair treatment solution with MRT which is backed by clinical studies and peer-reviewed reports.

Certified Lab

Our lab operates under the highest standards to obtain state and central certifications.(CSIR, DSIR and NABL)

Secure Data

TrichoGene is HIPAA compliant and takes extensive measures to safeguard your information. We use state-of-the-art, bank-grade encryption. Under no circumstance do we sell your data to third parties. Test with confidence knowing your data is safe and secure.

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